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Just look around you...

Everything you see is a creation. Something that at one point in time did not exist in the way you see it at this moment. Humanity has created many great things, and nature... even more. 

I try in my work to find a harmony between both man and nature. Our endless creativity allows us to master many mediums, and form elaborate manifestations of our wildest dreams.

One of the most rewarding feelings is having an idea and finding a way to bring it to life!

On this site you will see many examples of past works, works in progress, some 

ready-to-sell pieces, ideas yet to be expanded upon, and who knows what else I'll decide to share. ;)

I love to do custom projects, so if you have an idea you wish to pursue please contact me! I will work with you on every detail to get your ideas out and rockin' in the real world! This is what I love to do. I work with many materials (and I love to learn new processes as well), so ANY & ALL ideas are welcome!!! the more Crazy, Wild and Illuminated the better!

(cuz everything is better with lights... amiright??)

much love, 

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